8 October 2014

October Full Moon Dreamboard

Ah, the Full Ivy Moon... it's all about releasing and letting go... something very close to my heart as our son left for university a couple of weeks ago!!

Left-hand page
Top left - I recently found some Halloween-themed backing papers in my stash, and this one of the full moon behind branches was just perfect!
To the right of that is a postcard of a Natasha Newton painting of a tree shedding its leaves, on which I've stuck 'Let Go'. I love her earthy palette and naive style, but can only afford postcards and stickers of her work...
Under the moon image is a postcard of a painting by Jess Purser. I don't know why this image leaped out at me, maybe I secretly want a crystal ball to see not only my future, but that of my kids, as they forge out on their life path...
I'm sure that was in my mind when I chose this 'Carve your own Path' image from my quote-a-day calender... And the typewriter wooden cut-out and the words 'Important' and 'Take Note' say it all... I am journalling each day through this 'letting go' process in preparation for this amazing e-course which starts on the New Moon on 23 October, the timing of which couldn't be better!

Right-hand page
Top left is a black and white photo from an old Toast catalogue, on which I'm written the Anais Nin quote: 

Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one's courage.

It was printed on the back of the Greg Spalenka Warrior postcard (top right). I love the androgynous figure, as I see it presenting both me and our son...
Below these two images are works by Gillian Lee Smith, whose work I just adore. The little doll figure was on an old business card of hers, and the painting is from her current exhibition 'We all Cast Shadows' at the Heart Gallery. I have stuck on the quote 'Love will find a way' - no prizes for guessing why!!
Finally, on the bottom left is a postcard of a tree collage by Anna Mackellar, on which I've stuck a wee image of the Leaf Goddess by Nadine C. Butterfield 2003 from an old We'Moon diary. And finally is a lovely pine-cone illustration from my stash (no idea where it came from).

So there it is, my 'Letting Go' Ivy Full Moon Dreamboard. I have found it especially therapeutic this month, and I now feel ready to prepare for the New Moon and my own A Year and a Day adventures...

I know I'll revisit it whenever I miss Sam, but I'm so thrilled he's begun his new life as a student, that any sense of loss is balanced by a real sense of excitement for him. The Ivy Full Moon is all about holding on and letting go - and knowing when is the right time for each...

I'd love to know what you think when you see my Dreamboard - do share in the comments :-)


  1. This one really strikes me, Claire... I am not entirely sure yet of all that is speaking to me, but I know that there's something about the depth feeling to it for me... I just love that you do (and share) these! It's always so interesting to see others' dream / vision boards! <3

  2. Wendy Hewgill5:13 pm

    I just love your dream boards, Claire, they say a picture says a thousand words, and sometimes I know we can't always put into word s our feelings, but these dream boards beautifully reflect the emotions. Thank you for sharing with us your journeys. I hope your son does well at university, it's always a milestone when children leave home, first steps of adulthood, eh? I remember when my children left home , one by one as they grew up. We can be proud that we gave them the confidence to go out into the world. Mind you, wait til he brings his washing home..... ha ha. :)

  3. Wonderful, Claire! I need to spend more time gazing at your board, but my first impression is of all the images representing every phase of womanhood - Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It's as if you're embracing all of yourself in a visual hug. Very inviting!

  4. Beautiful Claire. I agree with Lana's comment on the impression of your board. You can express your change which is one thing that is constant.

  5. Love your wonderful collage here!! So expressive and meaningfull...full moon always is very special to me too :) ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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