9 October 2014

Thursday Thoughts...

This greeted me this morning at 6am...

I tried to get a photo of the strong moon-shadow on the dining room floor, but sadly didn't manage it. But the brightness of the Full Ivy Moon was extraordinary!

I just love that when I go to bed, I see the moon from the front of the house, but by the time I awake the next morning, she's journeyed around and is shining over the garden at the back of the house.

Her celestial movement in the night is deeply reassuring, and as I gazed on her this morning I remembered sitting in the back of the car as a child, totally fascinated as she followed us home...

I never envisioned a man in the moon, or that it was made of cheese, but I did see the Moon as a benign, slightly shy figure, who sometimes hid in the big, black sky, but at other times shone brightly with a big open face silently announcing her radiant presence.


  1. Hi Claire, so beautiful words and photo. Have a great day!

  2. Wonderful words and thoughts!


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