13 October 2014

Word for the Week

Well, here's a thing - two Words came out of the Rediscovery Pack bag stuck together, back to back, like two sides of the same coin...

How cool is that??

And I have to say, even on this wet, grey Autumn day, I do sense within me a 'Blossoming Power'...

In 10 days' time, I begin this year-long journey with the very lovely Angel Sullivan and an online group of Soul Sisters (we've been getting to know each each on Facebook for the past few weeks).

It's a BIG commitment - in both time and money - but when I signed up back in July, I just knew it was what I needed to do. I have had a growing sense that I've been building up to this for the last couple of years - certainly since I became able to write/journal more competently with my left hand.

Daily journalling is how I've always worked through the STUFF whirling constantly around my head - it's what I was doing when the stroke hit 7 years ago (the pen falling from my hand mid-word is how I knew something was up!) And in the first years after the stroke, when I couldn't even read, let alone write, I was completely lost, I simply didn't know who/what I was...

Now, though, I sense within me this Blossoming Power of who I am, and who I am becoming... And it's incredibly exciting, and more than a tad scary...

But I just love that this potentially scary Power is actually Blossoming - unfolding like a flower, naturally, and in its own time. It's not exploding out - which I would find scary in the extreme! - but opening up gently, unfurling little by little...

And wow, that's the kind of Power I like, and what I actually want a piece of :-)

As always, I'd really appreciate hearing what you feel/see/respond to in these two amazing Words...


  1. Wow, pulling out those two words together was NO coincidence. They are great words.

    This was post of yours was uplifting and encouraging and I wish you a good year with 'crafting the book of you'.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. SO perfect, Claire! All around, just perfect! So excited to get going! <3

  3. How cool is it that these two words surfaced today?! That's the Universe at work right there - you go and grab it! Excited for your journey this year, it will be lovely reading along with you as you 'craft the book of you.'

  4. Dear Claire

    So much synchronicity! I've had IT problems so couldn't comment last week - when my card on Monday was 'Love' - the same as yours. These two cards have come out recently for me too - and I love the wonderful added impact of the two together. 'Power' can be scary - and combining it with Blossoming is so perfect - especially for you - so inspirational to read your story - and the book of you will be amazing. Thank you, deep bows, namaste. xxx

  5. I am so happy for your blossoming power words this week and the sense of excitement that comes across in your post from having received these words... Watch out world! Have a happy week.
    Wren x

  6. A perfect combination of words.

  7. Anonymous11:24 pm

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  8. Anonymous11:27 pm

    (((huggles))) I too am a stroke (and heart attack) survivor <3 Looking forward to journeying *with* you during this year and a day, as we each blossom to and thru our power...


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