6 October 2014

Word for the Week

Well, I've probably pulled THE 'biggest' Word out of the Rediscovery Pack today...

WOW! What can one say about this Word that hasn't already been said??

All I think of when I see this Word are these beautiful people...

(l to r: Sam, Esther, my dad, Jon, my brother)

... and the one taking the photo, my hubby Nick...

These are my family, my Loved Ones :-)

But what of all the other people I love? My friends, near and far, ones I've known all my life, ones I've only met recently online?

What of beloved Molly-cat, and all the pets I've loved in my 50 years on this planet? What of the subjects I love - the books, the artists, the artworks? The foods, the places, the seasons...?

There is SO much that I love, how could I possibly list them all???

When I see the rich, deep pink background, I'm reminded of the other Words I've encountered with the same colour - Support, Hope, Opportunity - what a triumvirate on with the stand this week's Word!!

Truly, Love supports and gives us hope, and surely every day gives us the opportunity to experience Love - whether we're the giver or the receiver...

For me, to love and to be loved are THE richest, deepest Truths of Life. I would love(!) to know what you think/feel/experience when you see this BIG Word...


  1. Family, friendship, passion, and spiritual love all get lumped into this one word in our language, so it kind of gets overused...not to mention all the times we say we 'love' chocolate, tv, art, etc. But I have to say the one thing that popped into my head when I saw your word was a hug. :)

  2. Definitely sending love to all of those we share this path with! x


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