19 November 2013


OK, Post 1 of a whole new blog...

Scary, exciting, a new place to live, to write, to express myself in this truly extraordinary world of Blogland :)

I've learnt A LOT today - how to create pages, how to edit photos - even though I've lived in Blogland since 2006, things keep changing...

My plan (hah!) is to gather existing pieces from my other blog homes onto their respective pages (there's nothing there yet, so bare with me...)

I have written About me, so do drop by and say hello :)

The Home page will always have the newest piece of writing/photos of whatever catches my mind's eye and reminds me that today is another deep day...

I won't write any more now, as it's already gone 11 am, and yes, I am still in my pj's!!

But welcome, it's so lovely to be here xx


  1. and hello to you too! aren't fresh starts wonderful? glad to see you enjoy a new venture!

  2. Oh I am looking forward to seeing what you become here.

  3. Just a wee hello from me too! I'm also looking forward to see what transpires here ... Looks like you're off to a great start!

  4. Really excited about what you might create here! I just popped over from WoYWW to say 'Hello' and Good Luck with this new start! Julie Ann xxx

  5. good luck I hope this is the start of a beautiful and wonderful journey Andrea x


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