25 November 2013

Getting the message....

Today, I drew Friday's card again - 3 of Wands with the Klimt painting and Stevenson quote!

Guess I really need to hear the words again...

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming,
is the only end of life.

Then I suddenly remembered, I'd written out a quote from Christina's A Field Guide to NOW in my journal yesterday...

OK... I'm getting the message... new day, new post, new blog - it's all in the process of Becoming...


  1. Lovely post Claire!
    I'm going through the becoming stage... again. For some reason it feels like I'm just starting out. Still not sure where I'm going :)
    Have a lovely week,
    Beata x

    1. My 'other blog', which I will close at the end of this year, has the strap line 'Taking that first step again... and again...'
      I think it's good to keep becoming, Beata - it's the way Nature is - each day starts and ends, each season...
      It's the way of really living. We're always a work in progress :) x

  2. Oh I do like this. The quote, I mean. Very thought-provoking - thank you. :-D

    1. Thanks, Donna, it IS a good quote, isn't it?
      I'm really enjoying Christina's book! it's beautifully produced - by the same folks who did Susannah's This I Know book btw - they are perfect, fit-in-your-hand hardbacks, with beautifully thick matte pages...
      Book heaven *sigh*

  3. Claire, I've just looked at the preview of Christina's book on Amazon - it looks lovely ... I just might treat myself !

    1. Yes, do! You won't be disappointed! It's THE perfect size, beautifully produced, full of gorgeous artwork and wonderfully amazing words! If I hadn't already bought my friends' xmas pressies, they'd all be getting a copy! And no, I'm not on commission :)

  4. Definitely a message I need to hear again and again. Thank you for putting these together for us.


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