23 November 2013

The Fool - Today's card

My card for today from the Art of Life tarot deck.

The image is Jester with a Lute by Franz Hals with the quote:

You must live in the present,
launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment.
Henry David Thoreau

A timely remember for every day, n'est pas??

UPDATE 10.30am
This has just arrived in the post...

I ordered it weeeeks ago (and I confess totally forgot about it), and it arrives today!

How's that for timing??


  1. Very cool on the timing, Claire! Love the Tarot card and it's quote by Henry David Thoreau - love that one. I like your new blog and am so glad you have the 'follow by email' button up and towards the top. I seem to actually go to people's blogs I follow more often when they have that and I get updates via email,...might take me a few days and I might stalk instead of always commenting, but I feel it keeps me 'in the loop' with people I want to follow, like you! :-)

    1. Sorry, Shel, I meant to post you a reply and I hit the comment button instead - duh!
      I hope you still get it... xx

  2. Bless you, Shel, I really appreciate this :)
    I keep changing the order of the sidebar gadgets trying to find the right combo, so I really appreciate your feedback re. the email button...
    Thank you x

  3. Oooohhhhh THANK YOU for the email this morning with the cards, Claire! Thank you very much for taking the time to do that for me. Oh how I love that art deck, and it was really interesting thinking about the quotes and the meanings of the two cards. Much appreciated! :-D

  4. I keep seeing similar lines to these over the last few days. Time to get out of my own way and start. Transformation can only happen when you do the work, and other similarities. I think someone's trying to tell me something too! ;)


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