21 November 2013

45 things about me

  1. I'm a typical Taurean - stubborn, earthy, love my food :)
  2. I'm diabetic - Type 2 diagnosed 15 years ago
  3. I'm an introverted extrovert - I love people, but I must have regular times of silence and solitude.
  4. I'm a Type 4 on the Enneagram (the Overview is pretty accurate!).
  5. I keep a gratitude list writing 5 things I'm grateful for each day.
  6. I love dark chocolate - 70%+ cocoa content.
  7. I'm a life-long learner.
  8. I can't speak any foreign languages, though I studied Latin, Greek and Hebrew.
  9. I wanted to be an academic - I read Theology at Oxford.
  10. I wanted to be a mother more :)
  11. I have 3 children, but Connie died in-utero at 30 weeks.
  12. My maternal grandmother was Irish.
  13. I'm a life-long Liverpool FC supporter, and have a signed photo of Steven Gerrard on the wall (a gift from my Dad several Christmases ago!).
  14. My paternal grandfather was a Scouser.
  15. I'm a devotee of the Bloomsbury Group.
  16. I met my American husband in Kenya.
  17. We celebrate our silver wedding anniversary next April (2014).
  18. I turn 50 the day before!
  19. I collect quotes - mainly about art, literature, culture.
  20. Our house is full of books.
  21. I've broken both kneecaps (separate accidents).
  22. I'm a former Anglican lay minister.
  23. I've always been a lousy baker - much to my mother's dismay.
  24. Our daughter inherited my mother's gifted-baker gene :)
  25. My mother died in 2000 aged 55.
  26. I was a couch potato even before the stroke - never been sporty!
  27. I'm a Strictly Come Dancing fan.
  28. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons - I endure Summer and Winter.
  29. I have crushes on Simon Baker and Bradley Cooper.
  30. I have a girl-crush on Jennifer Lawrence.
  31. I'd love to have dinner with Grayson Perry :)
  32. I always chew gum after I eat - got to look after my teeth and gums!
  33. I've always been an early-to-bed, early-to-riser - need my 8 hours.
  34. Toast is my favourite clothes label, but I can only afford sale, or second-hand, items :(
  35. I lost my identity when I couldn't read for a year after the stroke.
  36. I have learnt to write, draw, paint with my left hand - I was right-handed...
  37. I don't like vinegar, anchovies, chilli, spicy curry, salad cream.
  38. I'm terrified of spiders.
  39. I'd love to do a parachute jump.
  40. I've never been skiing.
  41. I want to visit Florence.
  42. I'm allergic to Elastoplast.
  43. I could become a dotty cat lady in my dotage.
  44. I am a sensuous person - I delight in my 5 senses and how they help me encounter the physical world, but...
  45. I am a Soul having a human experience in this particular time and place.


  1. Simon Baker? Oh yes ... ;-)

  2. 'The Mentalist' has been a favourite TV show for years in our family - hubby and the kids find him funny, I just love his hair, his eyes, his smile... *sigh*

  3. I LOVE The Mentalist! We just watched episode 4 (I think?) of the latest series tonight. Which I'm not actually enjoying as much as the other ones as it's even darker than normal and doesn't afford Simon Baker many opportunities for comic moments. Normally Patrick Jane just OOZES insouciance but, not in this series :-(

    1. I know... I guess, as they get closer to finding Red John, the laughs will diminish... He is still adorable, though, and Rigsby and Cho are the perfect pair :)

  4. I'm also an introverted extrovert, and Type 4! :) Also... Bradley Cooper, yum! ;) And I have a dodgy left knee that likes to dislocate sometimes. The wee connections that bring people together are strange sometimes, eh? :)

    1. 'Tis true! The real wonder of the internet, for me, is that we can find each other... the missing members of 'our tribe' :) I'm the only one of my 'real-life' friends who blogs, and they just don't 'get it'...

    2. I don't really tell any of my "real life" friends I do this. The only friends who know about it are a couple of local bloggers whom I've met in real life and become friends with. But it's so lovely to have online friends to connect with, I get such a lot out of it :-D

    3. It's strange, isn't it? I tell my 'real-life' friend I blog, but it's just not something they're interested in.
      I have one friend of sometimes tells me she visits, but she doesn't have the greatest internet connection, so can't do/say much online.
      My friends prefer FB, but I just can't get on with it, with pop-ups coming up every few seconds when someone writes something...
      I find blogging much calmer and restful... FB's frenetic!

    4. Anonymous1:57 pm

      Its funny but I feel that since I stated following the blogs I found friend in words... make sense? My friends here knows me and family and life and its different. With blogging you can stablish a connection direct with someones words. Words that were tought and picked and worked until ready to be sent out to the world. Message in a bottle. Do you guys feel that?

    5. Anonymous1:59 pm

      Please apologise English mistakes blogging wile waiting for food on pub!!!!

    6. Don't apologize - I understood everything you said :) And yes, I agree - the blog friends we make 'know' us through our words... Love the message in a bottle image :)
      Enjoy your pub lunch xxx

  5. How awesome! I'm not sure I could come up with 45 things about me...and seeing your list makes me enjoy knowing you a little bit more. :-)

  6. I love these posts... so interesting and found out what you like! its great!


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