26 November 2013

Catching slippery thoughts...

Photo taken this morning at 7am in response to today's card, which can be found on the Card of the Day page,
which I've rearranged so the newest entry is at the top :)
I opened my eyes at my usual 5.30am, with sooooo many thoughts swirling, I knew I had to get out of bed, come downstairs, pour a glass of water, and start to write them down before they disappeared...
Thoughts are like Will o' the Wisps, you know, or flashing fish (as Virginia Woolf describes in A Room of One's Own), which need to be caught before they dart away.
I wrote about yesterday - spent with a dear, dear friend, who I don't see often enough as she lives in deepest, darkest Wales...
But mostly I wrote about the blog, and yesterday's 'About' lesson, and realized I hadn't verbalized what this new blog is actually about!
And I was reminded, quite visibly, about my Word for 2013 - Be a Vessel (you can read here how my Word came to me).
This wee coconut offering bowl sits on my altar opposite where I sit on the sofa as a daily reminder of my Word, and I suddenly I realized the blog is my vessel - my offering bowl, my receptacle, where I place my words and images to share with whoever wishes to partake.
But also, it's the other meaning of 'vessel' - it's my boat, my cargo ship, in which I place 'stuff' about me and my life and my own voyage of discovery, and launch it out into wide sea of Blogland.
And I was reminded of the Marcel Proust quote:
The real voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.
Be a Vessel has both these meanings to me, and both private and public applications:
I pray alone daily, yet sometimes I want to pray with others.
I write alone daily, yet sometimes I want others to read my writing.
I travel alone on my journey into meaning, but sometimes I want companions.
Creating anything, including blogs, is usually a solitary activity, but many creators hope to have their creations seen, heard, tasted, experienced by others, hence we put them out into the world...
After all, we are by nature social creatures (at least some of the time!) and we do like to share our lives and experiences :)


  1. I think youve written so succinctly here, and your blog is slowly becoming one of my favourite blogs to read! What you said about wanting to be alone, writing and being, and sometimes with others..is so true. be a vessel, I like that phrase a lot!

  2. I find that very interesting, what you say about being creative and alone, yet also wanting to share it with others. Thank you for sharing all this! I'm enjoying reading it very much :-D


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