12 December 2013

Word for 2014

I have sat with my Word(s) for over a week now, seeing how it 'fits'...

Susannah's questions in the Unravelling workbook helped it crystallize and take shape
If you lived and breathed your Word every day in 2014, 
what would be different for you?...

List some ways you are already being/experiencing this Word...

My Word for this past year has been Be a Vessel and it has, indeed, been a year of learning, filling, receiving, and as the year closes, the truth is My Cup Overfloweth (that's the book/film title for my 2013!). I have been so richly blessed, and challenged!

I know now, my response to Being a vessel throughout 2013, is to actually DO something! 

2014 is to be a year for action - it's the year I turn 50, the year Nick and I celebrate our Silver Wedding anniversary, the year a dear friend visits from the States, the year our son leaves school... 

And it's the year I express a sense of purpose (finally!), it's the year I...

... and I've started by making this for my screensaver and writing this post :-)

As with this year's Word, I have no idea how I will exactly Make known, how the Word will unfold itself, show itself... I just know, from past experience, that it will!

And as the Blogging from the Heart course draws to a close *sigh* I hope we'll keep in touch and share our Words for 2014 as they appear, and our other words, and thoughts and images for many months to come. For it's been fun and I, for one, don't want the fun to stop!


  1. This is a wonderful word for 2014. I am looking forward to what you are going to make known.

    I am still working on unravelling 2014, but I am already close to my word of the year 2014. This is the first time I choose one, however, I can already feel how powerful it is going to be.

    1. It certainly is a wonderful thing to do! Susannah's questions really helped me try other Words for size - only this one fits perfectly :)
      I hope you'll share yours when you finally decide... there's no need to rush... you'll be living with it for a whole year :)

  2. Oh gee, I haven't even really given it much thought! The only year that my Word has worked for me was in 2011 when I chose the word "create". I've since had it tattooed on my right wrist as a permanent reminder. ;)
    2012 was just a bust in all areas, and this year I was too unsure of everything to even contemplate. I'd say my word for 2013 has been recuperate. I've been able to get things back to a sort of status quo which has been a long time coming.
    I guess I should start thinking about what my word for 2014 will be!
    I'm pretty sure the BftH facebook group will stay open forever, so hopefully enough of us will keep using it even when the course is over. :)

    1. I don't know if you're familiar with Abbey of the Arts, but Christine's offers a mini-retreat for finding (or being found by!) your Word...
      I've used it for the last couple of years :)
      I find it helps me make time to ponder... and become alert to what it might be.
      If this link doesn't work(!), if you send me an email using the contact form, I can forward the daily emails to you - we're on day 4 so far xx
      PS Just love the idea of the tattoo - but I'm not brave enough!!

    2. Oh thank you Claire!
      I just got them last year. I wanted to make sure it really meant something to me. I'm not gonna lie - it hurts a LOT, but they're not *big* tattoos, and took about 40 min all in all, so it was manageable. ;)

    3. Do you have photos? One of the coolest tattoos I've seen was on a waitress' wrist - a perfect kiss (shape of the lips when you kiss a mirror wearing lipstick). It was a work of art :)

  3. Aw I love this post Claire! And I'm ever so disappointed the course is now over but will definitely stay in the FB group.

    I'm looking forward to seeing word you eventually adopt for the year ... It sounds like 2014 will be a big year for you :-)


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