20 December 2013

Today's card...

Not the best photo - sorry!

My heart's instinct is to hibernate... tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the longest night, the shortest day.

Also, feeling rather cr*p - had my diabetic review on Wednesday, and my numbers aren't great, so totally changing my insulin regime *sigh*

It means I feel nauseous, tired, weepy...

Hence, I want to burrow, to hide, to wait till my body adjusts, which I know it will.

And after tomorrow, the days will get longer, a new year will be born, and life will feel good again!

In the meantime, I sit with an image by a favourite artist, words by a favourite poet and rest in being a hope-filled Romantic, trusting that the diabetic nurse knows what she's doing...


  1. Positive thoughts lovely lady - but you listen to that inside voice, take it easy and take care of yourself xxx

  2. It is a time of staying inside - inside the house, inside oneself - I can totally relate. Take it easy, listen to your body and as you say - a new year is ahead of us! All the best for your health!

  3. Hi Claire,

    That is tough!

    And I know all about the weepy bit - feeling like that myself (I know it is my black dog of winter howling at the door).

    There is nothing wrong with hibernating and burrowing - that might be just what you need right now. Sometimes fighting so hard is not the best idea, and giving in and taking a rest is. You(r body) will know best. Just hang in there, girl! I'm thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts...

    Perhaps this will cheer you up a bit. A journey to the darkest night. Beautiful videos, guided imagery exercises and creative ideas, and FREE!


  4. hope the hibernating yields some serious refreshment!


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