11 December 2013

Taking shape...

I've had a great time this morning - this getting up at 5 am is so the way to go for me!

I've completed Susannah's Unravelling workbook

I've left several sections blank - I'm not a planner by nature, and when you've survived a curve-ball like a stroke, you learn to not plan, but see what life throws at you, and roll with it...

But I have found her prompts enlightening, and several things have crystallized in my mind...

The main thing is the desire/need/urge to write - and write every day!

So I've signed up for this and have added a button on my sidebar.

And today's card is another perfect reminder to see what's right in front of our eyes and embrace it, describe it, share it... For we already have all we need to grow, develop, expand, we just need to really see it.


  1. Gosh, go you! Sounds like you're having a whale of a time - how lovely to hear!

    I see exactly what you mean about the curveball/stroke ... I suppose my philosophy (now, it never used to be!) is to make a Plan, and if you get bowled a googly, just deal with it as best you can. I do feel that if I'd been more of a planner before now, I'd have achieved more, but for me, it starts now. Better late than never, and all that! :-)

  2. Small stones, yes! I think I will join you next month. Thank you.

    1. That will be fun - the more, the merrier :)


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