15 July 2014

Word for the Week

July is proving to be a strange month...

After the busyness of April (Easter, my 50th birthday, our Silver Wedding anniversary), May (kids' exams - A levels and GCSEs), B's visit from the States and June (Kate's visit to the UK and Ireland, Wimbledon, the World Cup), it's strangely quiet...

Yet, A LOT is stirring inside me - most of which I can't verbalize. Hence I've been somewhat absent from Blogland (mainly due to terrible internet connections - for 4 days we were without TV, landline and internet - the downside of getting services from just one supplier!)

But all this is encapsulated in the Rediscovery Card I pulled from the bag this morning

The background's the same rich purple as Acceptance, Purpose and Learning - not a coincidence, I think! 

My physical body isn't very flexible - especially the paralyzed side - but my spirit needs to be... It needs to adapt to life changes (turning 50, being married longer than I've been single, our son going away to college...), not to mention erratic internet connections!!! 

And I know it's been said so many times before, but a tree is a perfect example of flexibility... Its branches bend and flex to the prevailing winds, yet it stands firm - if its root network is wide and deep enough...

Image copyright geologywales.co.uk

I'm sensing I need to work on my root network (whatever that may mean), if I'm to practice flexibility... I'm hoping you'll bear with me if my blog posts prove to be somewhat erratic over the next few weeks... 

I'd love to know what this word means to you - do share :-)


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, as always. Technical difficulties are such a challenge to flexibility I find! Your words "need to work on my root network (whatever that may mean), if I'm to practice flexibility." really struck a chord for me. The image of a tree with strong roots and flexible branches has always been very powerful in my life. I am not really sure what point I am making here - if any - just feels good to spend a few moments here with you at the start of my day. Thank you for helping me stop and pause. xx

    1. You don't have to be making a point, Mary - we just know when we've found a kindred spirit with whom we can share our thoughts... :-)

  2. Hi Claire, I thought a lot about you last week. The full moon, it was like I was going to explode feeling so full. I could not see the moon, all the week was so cloudy in here, but I could feel her and her power. Have a great week!


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