15 July 2014

July Full Moon Dreamboard

This was the first of three 'perigee' supermoons, as the Earth and the Moon are closer together - it certainly was very bright at its fullest on Saturday!

Due to my erratic internet connection, I haven't been able to post this month's dreamboard before now, so here it is

This is a Holly Moon, as the Celtic Holly King defeated the Oak King at the Summer Solstice and now reigns over the waning year...

Amy Palko's journal prompts suggested looking at the phrase 'coming back to the Source', and what it may mean. This was in my heart and mind as I made my dreamboard, and I notice there is quite a balance between words and images...

Left-hand page
Top right is a Man Ray image of Lee Miller on a blossom background with a quote by Ingrid Goff Maidoff

The world sparks and hums with radiance. Even when we fail to notice all still shimmers and shines.

Underneath are with words 'Emotions in Dreams' and a lovely image of a dreamcatcher girl under a full moon (I don't know who it's by), and an engraved image of a rustic study room.
Under that is a page from my quote-a-day calendar

Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.
Rainer Maria Rilke

Then towards the spine of my dreamboard journal is a black & white image of a wooded lake, a small painting of a woman, and Greg Spalenka postcard on which I've stuck a Yogi tea tag with the words 'The beat of your heart is the rhythm of your soul', and the words 'Touch the deep knowing within you'. I also drew a spiral over the solar plexus of the image - that's wear I 'feel' my knowledge :-)

Right-hand page
Top right is a lovely Polaroid of a barn and a field of flowers (from an old desk calendar, I think) on which I've stuck this quote

You must return with the bliss and integrate it... The return is seeing the radiance everywhere.
Joseph Campbell

Looking at it now, I'm struck by how it reflects the quote on the left-hand page in the same spot!

Under this, there's a striking image of a weeping moon and a girl catching the tears in a bowl (again, I don't know where it's from). 
Next to it I've written out this quote on a journal card

Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself. And know that everything in this life has a purpose.
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

And underneath is a lovely printed journal card with the words 'Finding the Artist Within Me'.

To the edge of the page is another striking image of two figures opening a box of stars... It looks like the work of the same artist of the weeping moon image.
Under that is a wee sketch by a favourite artist, Cathy Cullis, and another page from my quote-a-day calendar which reads

Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light.
Theodore Roethke

I'm seeing some definite themes as I look at it now - deep dark and radiant light, silence and knowing, questions and answers...
It's all there - at the Source...

I'd love to know what you think as you see my Dreamboard, and was the Holly Moon extra-bright in your sky last Saturday?


  1. Hello Claire, what struck me first of all was the word DEEP. Then I saw the roots and the first thought that popped in to my head was that stuff is buried deep within you. I dont know if that refers to creativity that needs to grow and be let out, or that you have somehow buried the not so good stuff deep within. I dont know if I'm on track here or not but thats what struck me looking at the images and words. its a lovely "still" board, full of silence within itself too.

    1. Thank you so much for this!! You are absolutely right - on so many levels... I'm sensing I just need to take time away from technology and do some old-fashioned pen and paper soul writing...
      The phrase 'Still waters run deep' has been flashing across my mind for a while now - I sense you may have picked up on that....
      So thank you so much, again for taking the time to comment :-) xx

  2. Hi Claire! I so love this month's Full Moon Dream Board! So enigmatic and mystical…. just like the moon.
    The things I saw first were the question mark and the spiral you drew on the Greg Spalenka postcard.

    And it struck me how the spiral somehow seemed to be the answer to the question mark. As if it said: 'if you have questions about Life, you will find your answers when you look within yourself'. And then I read your quote from Elisabeth Kubler Ross, which seemed to be its mirror image. And I felt so moved by the beauty of this, and its symbolism of reflecting meaning, like the Moon reflects light… so I would like to say: thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for this!! You are SO right - the spiral IS the answer to the question mark - the silence within, as the Kubler Ross quote says...
      I totally didn't see it - so thank you! This is why I share - you wise readers see things I cannot :) Together we learn/teach so much xx


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