12 May 2014

Word for the Week

Another perfectly timed card this week drawn from Mary's Rediscovery Cards...

I find the dark navy background rather authoritative - like the colour of police uniforms - it's not a colour to mess with!

So I've made a choice - I am taking a wee blog break... 

A dear friend from California arrived yesterday, and my time and energy will be spent elsewhere for the next 2 weeks. She last came to England 10 years ago, so I think she deserves my undivided attention :-) xx


  1. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Have a wonderful time with your friend.

  2. I'll miss you, have fun with your friend!

  3. So delighted to get your letter in the mail today!!!! I think I shall reply by post. :) Enjoy the time with your friend!!!!!

  4. Hope you had a good time! And that your pal had a lovely visit :-)


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