27 October 2014

Word for the Week

My body hasn't adapted yet to the clock change at the weekend, so I'm a tad late...
Here's the card I pulled from my Rediscovery Pack today.

Ahhh, peace, perfect peace...

I'm first struck that it's the same colour background as last week's Word, Communication...
And I wonder, how much of our communication is peaceful? And I remember Rumi's wise words

So many of our interactions are all about being heard, who can shout the loudest, and are not about really communicating with each other, and so often not in a peaceful way.

Then, I turn to the painting on the wall beside me, which has been my mantra for the past 6 months...

... and I am reminded of the famous Rudyard Kipling poem... The word 'Peace' isn't mentioned per se, but I think Kipling is describing Inner Peace! The kind of Peace that isn't disturbed by anything that's going on around... that still centre of the vortex, the peace-filled calm amid the whirlwind of the world...

What do you think/feel when you see this Word? What does it mean to you?


  1. Good post to think on! Peace is something we all long for.

    I loved the quote by Rumi.

    Have a peace filled week ~ FlowerLady

  2. I too like that Rumi quote. I love when you do these posts on a word for the week. The kipling poem is words for everyone. Yes I can see how it relates to peace.

  3. I also have difficulties with the internal clock and need a few days to get used to the change ..
    Peace is peace of mind for me, I feel it mosly in nature. Oneness and silence ...
    Peace in the world will probably never be, to differentare the views and beliefs, too much violence. We follow with concern and pain the war in Syria (and of course elsewhere) because the father of my beloved is from Syria. It is such a drama and is very close to us. All the refugees -
    Have a quiet and peaceful time


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