10 October 2014

Focus on Life Week 41: A punch of colour

It's been a yucky week in the UK weatherwise - high winds, heavy showers - so all I could manage was a shot of the postbox at the end of our street. But it is a punch of colour against the fading autumn leaves...


  1. Love that bright red! It makes you want to write some letters.

  2. Great color! it's been rainy and soggy here as well. I had to duck the raindrops for my photos but we needed the rain.

  3. Love that bright color. Can't miss it if you are looking for the postbox.

  4. Love it! So iconic - wish I was in the UK, even if the weather has been dreary!

  5. I love this!! My dad was a mail man. He was called a 'Rural Letter Carrier' because our town was so tiny he delivered mail in town and out in the country, and so I love seeing mail boxes from around the work and this one is super cool!! Great pop of color.

    1. *around the world* Hahha - not 'around the work' - LOL!!

  6. That red is magnificent. I wonder if that particular shade is trademarked only for use in the UK. Is it the same red as the phone booths? So much more festive than our drab blue ones here in the US.

  7. Haha, this bright red lightens up every rainy day ;) but I guess the weather will be fine the next time here for us ;)
    ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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