23 June 2014

Word for the Week

Oh boy, another good one! And truly I had to laugh out loud when I pulled this Rediscovery Card from the bag this morning...

I laughed because all weekend our internet connection has been cr*p - the vagaries of it have been driving me (and all the family) to distraction... It works great for minutes on end, and then suddenly disappears....**grrrrr**

And I'm doubly frustrated as today the e-course I've been looking forward to for months starts, and the class members have been getting to know each in the Facebook private group. I made a couple of comments on it, but loads more have been lost in the ether...*sigh*

So I laugh... at the humour of the Universe... and my own frustrated impatience... at what I so need to be and do right now, in this moment...

Just breathe...
Just be patient...
All will be well...


I also know I need the heed this Word as I embark on this e-course - I have so many hopes, expectations, dreams of what it will be, could be, what I want it to be, as I so love the work of the artist who's leading it!

And I'm drawn to this wee stone on my altar...

... as I know I am my own worst enemy when it come to my art-making. I am harsh, overcritical and unforgiving... I don't give myself any slack... I expect my drawing/painting to be as good with my left hand as it was pre-stroke with my right... Good grief, girl!!

So, I pause... I look at this Word on the rich, lush, colour-of-life background... and I breathe in the Word deep into my lungs, my centre, my being...

I'd love to know what you think/feel when you see this Word, so do please share :-)


  1. great word claire... its one of my least favourite words, as I'm hopelessly impatient with myself and things around me! its good to be reminded though!

  2. Living with an adult child with autism and severe OCD has certainly helped me develop patience.

  3. Claire, that is a word I have lots of experience with and wish I could say I have mastered. One of my hotels had internet like that. It had been my only complaint about staying there. It made it really hard to blog those nights. But to happen when your class starts, ohh how awful. I hope it works itself out and you have a wonderful experience in the course.

  4. I usually sigh and say I will never have even a smidge of it. I love your stone, did you make?

    1. No Peggy, a friend gave it to me... I love it :)

  5. Oh, patience is a word I don't use with myself near as much as I use with others. Love your alter stone - it's such a good reminder. Our internet and other electronics have been acting up (I can no longer post to Instagram on my phone, only my hubbys -???-) since the first weekend in June and a friend over on FB reminded me that it's retrograde and to just 'wait it out' and see how things are after the 2nd of July - I think she's got a good point! But in the meantime, it is frustrating to say the least! ;-)

  6. Patience is a virtue, they say but how you do that when computers are involved is probably beyond me to master at least in this life... maybe I'll come back as a mouse and then it will be easier!!
    Good Luck .... deep breath :)
    Wren x

  7. Hi Claire, I'm having a Victor Meldrew moment (I don't believe it!) - just wrote quite a long comment, about my computer problems that mean that I can't open MS Word to print or write for my workshop on Saturday - but then it all disappeared! I also said - thank you for a wonderful post. xx


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