13 June 2014

Focus on Life Week 24: Have fun!!

Hello again!

I've missed a few weeks having fun with my friend B visiting from the US in May, then I was sick :-(

This week has been full of doctors' appointments (sigh), but I did have lots of fun making this month's Full Moon Dreamboard - see the post below :-)

But back to FoL...

Here's a photo I took on our wedding anniversary back in April, and I've had fun playing with different Picasa filters...

This duotone is my favourite effect - a tad 60s Popart...

Enjoy your weekend xx


  1. What a fun looking fountain. Filters are fun to play with aren't they.

  2. Neat fountain... I would like that in my yard!

  3. The fish are having fun, if only in the artist's mind. Great post!

  4. Happy late anniversary! I love your photo of the fish. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Love those effects in the second photo. Hope you have some time to relax this week after all your appointments!

  6. That's a cracking filter. Very sixties! Hope you are feeling better xxx


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