27 June 2014

New Moon ramblings...

I'm really practising my Word for the Week here... trying to be patient with all the thoughts, ideas, frustrations swirling around me, in me...

Today is a New Moon, and I am sensing a shift - aided by a grey, rainy day after several bright, sunny days - a shift from the first part of the year, to the second...

Amy Palko speaks of how in Celtic mythology, twice a year at the solstices, the Oak King and the Holly King do battle. We are now entering the reign of the Holly King, the waning of the year, when the daylight hours will inexorably shorten:

We don't immediately perceive that the balance has tipped in [his] favour. And yet, despite this near invisible transition, I feel the change in my body...
Amy Palko, Bloom by Moon

And I'm definitely feeling it...

  • Maybe it's because I'm doing Gillian's art e-course and am struggling to keep up, feeling overwhelmed and inadequate when I compare my scribblings to others... (I know, I know 'Comparison is the thief of joy' and all those other wise quotes! But it doesn't stop me doing it...)

  • Maybe it's because July starts next Tuesday - JULY how did that happen? I've barely processed the fact I turned 50 in April, almost two months ago!!!

  • Maybe it's because I'm coming to the end of The Lotus and the Lily, and today's chapter is called 'name your year' (p. 160) with the focus firmly on the future (the past IS another country and we simply don't live there any more).

Every New Year I 'choose' a Word for the year... My 'Word' for 2014 is Make known, and through this blog I'm trying to make known my thoughts...

And so, reading all these things, thinking all these thoughts, experiencing all these feelings, I drew a card for today...

And this is what The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot book says about its version of the Star...

Where are things flowing?What hopeful shoots are sprouting...?
Hope is the faith by which your soul journeys towards its destiny... Its subtle messages enter your heart and give it new inspiration for the road...
The prospect before you is bright with promise...Work naturally and easily with your gifts instead of working against your innate capacities.
(pp. 60-61)

Perfect for the New Moon, and exactly what I need to keep in my heart as I work through the art course, and move into to the second half of 2014.


  1. Hi Claire, I don't believe either that July is knocking on the door and the days are getting short and very soon the winter is back. What has happened witht the spring?

  2. This is a beautiful post, and one I needed to hear today.

  3. Wendy Hewgill4:25 pm

    I've just found your blog, Claire, it's so intuitive for me, it sounds just like I feel, thank you for taking the time to blog. Just noticed you're on Jani's bubbling well too. Blessings to you. Wendy :-)

    1. And thank YOU for taking to visit and leave a comment, Wendy! So lovely to 'meet' you through Jani's Bubbling Well :)


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