10 November 2014

Word for the Week

Last week was a tad manic, so I didn't draw a Word for the Week - I needed to stay with Peace...

Hoping this week is calmer, I draw this from my Rediscovery Pack

Ahhh, this is a watchword for me! This is what to I strive to be in everything I do - from writing on this blog, to what I read, listen to, how I interact with people...

I hate anything fake - from people to handbags - but I love raw, authentic honesty. Hence I buy most gifts from Etsy rather than Ebay, listen to folk like Damien Rice rather than some manufactured pop boy band. It's why I seek out a local independent coffee shop, rather than Costa of Starbucks, why I read magazines like Flow and Uppercase, instead of Hello!

The rich, deep pink background has appeared a number of times on other Words for the Week - Love, Hope, Opportunity, Support - which seems fitting. There is a definite connection between all these powerful words!

I'll leave you with some great quotes about Authenticity, and my heartfelt wishes for a wonderful week :-)


  1. I also appreciate authenticity and is often confirmed to me. I could live this in my life other not ... even if this means a geek of middle-class small-town society.
    By the way: the journal "Flow" I read too, it has a German issue.
    Have a great and quiet new week :-)

  2. Nice blog, thanks for posting.


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