2 August 2014

Focus on Life Week 31: Outside the box

Another week, a new month - eeeek! Where is 2014 disappearing to??

August's theme is Outside, and this week it's 'Outside the box'. So here are my crayons outside their box (tin!)

I had great fun making the photo more retro and 'HDR-ish' - whatever that is!! It's a fun option in Picasa which tweaks the colours, as far as I can tell...

PS To those lovely peeps who got in touch, your notes from England will soon be winging their way onto your doormats/mailboxes :-)

PPS To those who celebrate - Happy Lammas!!


  1. Love your picture! The edited gives it a little artistic flair!

  2. Sorry about your heat wave... Right about now I would love some heat... sun did come out last night for a couple of hours at 4:45 My hubby didn't get home til 6:30 so spent almost two hours sitting on the doorstep reading in the sun! Love the colouring in your picture is it a boat?

    1. It's a bowl and spoon... I have a 'thing' for bowls at the moment - can't stop drawing them... :)
      Glad you got your 'moment' in the sun *grin*

  3. I'm having trouble w/my comments today, so if this gets to you twice - I'm so sorry. I love your photo and the editing. It evokes feelings of nostalgia for me - great photo for this week's prompt!!

  4. I love to color but don't get to do it often enough. I like your bowl and spoon art.

  5. I love the editing. It really gives the colors a dreamy, creative feel. Very nice!


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