30 December 2013

Today's card...

... is a very timely reminder to me!

I am struggling with the house being full of people...

I'm still getting up at 5.30 am for my quiet time, my Hermit time, my recharging time, but it all changes from about 8 am onwards...

I take a deep breath, and remind myself I love all these people - they are my Dad, my husband, my son, my daughter - THE most important people in my life! But they make noise, they take up space, they deplete my energies...

Then, I beat myself up for not being happy they are here, happy they're in my life  *sigh*

Then I see today's card and remember 'the unlike' is good, 'differences' are good, and I take another deep breath and remember to love, and to see 'the most beautiful harmony' - for it is here, here in this house, with these precious people.


  1. Oh, Claire, How Did You Get Through Them (this is not a rhetorical question, I am really wondering about this)? I just spent the most of the last five days in bed, after one Christmas day with family, sleeping off exhaustion...

    1. Well, I'm still in these days, so I'm grabbing with both hands every unexpected quiet moment - when kids are in their rooms, Dad and Nick are napping...
      And I'm going to bed early - about 9pm!
      I may well collapse into exhaustion when term starts on 7 January...
      It really helps knowing I'm not the only one who finds company exhausting - hope you're feeling brighter and refreshed xx

  2. Try to look on it as being lucky and having the best of both worlds ... Some alone time first thing in the morning PLUS family time after that :-D Maybe in future, go to bed slightly earlier and get up a wee bit earlier?

    I know how you feel though. I'm just back in my own house now after a week at my parents'. I did not have one single solitary moment to myself there for the first five days, and even though I now miss being with the family very much, the complete lack of time on my own to even read a book drove me bonkers!

  3. I find this too, but maybe its also that the routine is slightly interrupted too! I struggle when we have people staying, dont get much sleep but once theyve gone relax and after a week usually find that I restore my usual balance! I agree that its hard with the inner struggle too, loving them, and yet finding the people most exhausting! how long are they all staying with you?

  4. ps the worst thing is I find that once my houseguests have gone... I miss them terribly! go figure!

  5. I love this post its great to know that other people feel the same x


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